Luigi Ghirri: L’amico infinito

Jean-Claude Lemagny, Michel Nuridsany, Luigi Ghirrin Claude Nori (Ed.)

Contrejour, 2019


Luigi Ghirri asserted several times that “photography was first of all a way of thinking about photography” but in fact he never stopped “thinking in images”. His work in series and sequences, his books conceived as a poetic sequence always leave room for emotion. Surveyor, conceptual artist, photographer, theorist, publisher, exhibition organizer, he transformed and made Italian photography known in his country and abroad. He was the friend of many intellectuals, architects, historians, musicians and thinkers who lived near his home in Modena where there was intense artistic activity.

Claude Nori, his friend from 1973 until his death in 1992, published all his books in France. Here he paints a living, intimate, free and very moving portrait of this great photographer through their travels, their trips on the small roads of the Po plain, their exchanges on technique and prints, their discussions on neorealist cinema, the major trends and the works which marked photography. Composed in chapters which are as many small anecdotes of shared moments, the book recreates the atmosphere of these years of rupture and renewal allowing to understand the thought and the work of Ghirri: the conception of the book Kodachrome, the visit of the Morandi workshop, Versailles, the colloquium at the Sorbonne in 1985, Bob Dylan, Lucio Dalla, Walker Evans… This portrait, the opposite of all theoretical clichés reveals a funny, moving Luigi Ghirri, who seemed to have found “an extraordinary balance between the discomfort of existence and the well-being of the gaze ”. IN FRENCH!


ISBN: 9791090294349

196 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 22,6 x 16,5 cm, hardcover, Frans