Lucy + Jorge Orta. Food – Water – Life

Zoë Ryan, Ellen Lupton, Judith Hoos Fox, Ginger Gregg Duggon

Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2011


Since founding Studio Orta in 1993, the Paris-based husband-and-wife team of Lucy and Jorge Orta has produced an extensive body of work that addresses universal concerns about community, shelter, migration, and sustainable development.

Beyond merely addressing these issues artistically, their work suggests solutions by modeling fresh approaches to social dilemmas. Their often-playful projects incorporate elements of fashion, art, and architecture, which they combine with performances, multimedia events, and public debates. Featuring hundreds of drawings and photographs, Lucy + Jorge Orta: Food, Water, Life presents recent works that fall into the categories of food, water, and the environment. An interview by curator and critic Hou Hanru provides insight into the artists’ processes and motivations.

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ISBN: 9781568989914

92 pagina's, 300 illustraties in kleur, 20.3 × 25.4 cm, hardcover, Engels