Luc Tuymans & Miroslaw Balka: Crazy Horses (Vinyl LP, 2008)

Ultra Eczema, 2008



Vinyl 45 rpm record in sleeve with offset printing in a limited edition of 500 copies.
Recorded at the Fundacao Serralves and the Porto palacio Hotel, on the openingsday of the exhibition ‘Privacy’, 24/09/2008. The initial idea was to imitate the sound of galloping horses, but during the recording other sounds were introduced to the tape and so the galloping horses turned into runaway horses. The two artists can be heard talking about art, the art market and art criticism.
The B-side of the plate features an etching by Balka and Tuymans. Cover design Dennis Tyfus.
Or copt is in the original plastic wrapping.



record cover, 31,4 x 31,4 cm