Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s

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Rian Hughes (Ed.)

Fiell Publications, London, 2010


Featuring over 1,000 gloriously inventive and stylistically diverse illustrations, Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s traces the decade’s evolution from the homemaking ethos of romantic coupledom to the stylish liberation of mini-skirted Chelsea girls. In the process, it provides an intriguing and poignant glimpse into Sixties Pop Culture. The Sixties was an optimistic era of unprecedented change, and its heady zeitgeist was captured in the amazing range of artwork that adorned magazines of the time. Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s features page after page of stunning rediscovered artwork, much of it by the very best artists of the day. An informative introduction explores the history of this long overlooked art form and contextualizes its place within a wider social framework. Lifestyle Illustration of the 60s provides a wonderful, nostalgic escape into a world of stylishly sophisticated living, revealing just how much life has changed over the intervening decades.

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ISBN: 978-1-906863-04-3

576 pagina's, 1000 illustraties, 24.9 × 19.4 cm, flexicover, Engels/Frans/Duits