Legendary Routes of the World: A Pop-Up Book

Alexandre Verhille, Sarah Tavernier

Gestalten, 2015


Legendary Routes of the World takes its readers on a splendid pop-up journey through some of the planet’s most famous itineraries. It includes the pioneering Aéropostale, which was the first French airborne mail delivery system that connected France with South America; the transatlantic single-handed yacht race dubbed the Rhum Route; the Silk Road connecting the Asian continent’s east and west through trade; Route 66 in the United States, which is ingrained in popular culture as the setting for countless travel narratives; and the impressive lunar expedition of 1969

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ISBN: 978-3-89955-759-6

16 pagina's, alles in kleur, 25,5 × 21 cm, hardcover, Engels