Le Corbusier. Interior of the Cabanon/L’interno del Cabanon


Filippo Alison

Mondadori Electa, Milan, 2006


out of print

The simple cabin built in 1952, in rustic wood, blending in with the Mediterranean vegetation, actually conceals a refined architectural exercise in which primary value is assigned to the interior of the dwelling. The Cabanon, designed and built by the architect-owner himself, contains the ideal conditions for architectural work, that synthesis of the dialectic between monument and use, the perfect antithesis of the idea of the architect as creator of a home that is somehow separated from its occupants, a kind of fetish for emulation. The aim of the demonstration is to make the client more aware, more involved, more responsible in the relationship with the designer. This is also the reason behind the reconstruction of the work, for traveling exhibitions, allowing visitors to observe the brilliant contents of the interiors. The Cabanon is an unparalleled source of inspiration for anyone who is interested in discovering overlooked values and meanings in architecture.

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ISBN: 978883704394

209 pages, color illustrations, 22 × 28 cm, paperback, bilingual English/Italian