Koos Breukel. Being Dutch

Koos Breukel

van Zoetendaal Publishers, Amsterdam, 2011


Koos Breukel’s studio differs very little from the traditional photographic studios that have sprung up throughout the world during the past 170 years of photography. His studio is a confined space containing a large format camera on a tripod, and a plain background sheet. Although daylight streams in through the roof, it is mainly artificial light that is being used. Here, as in most studio’s, a wide variety of people come to pose: men, women, the young and the old, students, artists, masters and servants, family, friends and passers-by. Some subject come for a commissioned photograph, but the majority are selected by Koos Breukel himself. The major difference between other studio photographers and Koos Breukel is that he photographs people because he wants to find out if they have suffered some form of injury as a result of setbacks in their lives, and if they have managed to come to terms with this. The fifth solo book with a selection of 56 portraits from the last 15 years, black/white and full colour. If you look better you will discover that all those portrayed people show their hands in their own specific way.

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ISBN: 9789072532008

64 pagina's, full color & z/w, 25,7 × 18,5 cm, paperback, Engels