Kitchen Tools: Design by Kuhn Rikon

Zurich Raffinerie

Lars Müller, Baden, 2012


Kitchen tools-pans, knives, ladles, can openers, garlic presses-are found in every household and are used daily. And yet they receive little attention. After use they vanish into cupboards and drawers. Kuchen Werkzeug/Kitchen tools: Design by Kuhn Rikon provides a platform for products developed over the past five years at the Swiss kitchen tool manufacturer Kuh Rikon, products that explore new directions in terms of function and aesthetics. The photography by Cortis & Sonderegger lets them emerge from the background to become the true protagonists in playfully arranged everyday and not-so-everyday settings. The photographs are complemented by texts by Claude Lichtenstein, Christof Gassner, and Philipp Beyeler, and discuss the kitchen as a world en miniature, design for cooking, and the history of this iconic Swiss kitchen tool manufacturer.

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ISBN: 9783037782835

96 pagina's, 70 illustraties, 21 × 31 cm, hardcover, Engels/Duits