Kiki Smith’s Dowry Book (Anthony d’Offay 1997). Signed Copy

Anthony d'Offay Gallery, 1997


Catalogue/artist book in a signed unknown limited edition. In perfect condition, missing slipcase.

‘Dowry Cloth, illustrated on the cover of this little book, was made in 1990 out of women’s hair and sheep’s wool felted together, which is one of the earliest provesses of making fabric. … At the time of my first exhibition in England I saw several photographs of an Indian woman’s dowry, consisting of an enormous number of objects for her future. The concept of this book came from these photographs. I originally intended to make a collage of myself surrounded by everything I made between 1992 and 1995. In the form this Dowry Book has eventually taken, each page represents an exhibition I had during these years. It was made in London in the summer of 1995 on a computer.’ – Kiki Smith



90 pagina's, 11,2 x 15 cm oblong, hardcover, Engels