Jürgen Partenheimer. Das Archiv – The Archive

Jürgen Partenheimer

Distanz Verlag, Berlin, 2014


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Jürgen Partenheimer (b. Munich, 1947) rose to international renown with his participations in the biennials of Paris, Venice, and São Paulo. His multifaceted oeuvre combines constructive elements of Minimal Art with lyrical intensity. With critical intelligence, the artist measures and maps the free space of art and its practice, which must constantly be redefined. A representative of subjective abstraction, he is one of the most important German artists working today.
As the artist’s physical and psychological “storeroom,” the “archive” unites memories with the present and individual with cultural recollection. It is the scene of encounters between works from different periods and in different media: selected artists’ books and writings, paintings, works on paper, and sculptures explore a richly evocative interplay of forms and subject matters. Partenheimer outlines the project as follows: “The artist’s archive refers neither to a place nor to a space. It is a synonym for all that exists and has been gathered within and outside an open field of imagination and reality.” The book, which was designed in close collaboration with the artist, sheds light on various aspects of his oeuvre.

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ISBN: 9783954760466

368 pagina's, circa 175 afbeeldingen in kleur, 16,5 × 24 cm, hardcover, Duits/Engels