John McCracken. Sketchbook


Neville Wakefield

Radius Books, Santa Fé, 2008


out of print

Sketchbook, published concurrently with an exhibition at David Zwirner in New York, presents the first of two treasured sketchbooks that McCracken used from the mid-60s until the mid-70s. These pages show his thought processes, insights, and working sketches—all of which pre-date and presage his later work. The format, paper and reproduction quality of the book have been designed to faithfully reproduce in facsimile the original pages from this fascinating document. A supplemental booklet, bound separately and inserted into a pocket in the back of the book, shows the sculptures in their realized form. Pushing the boundaries between art and architecture while manipulating the psychological and physiological processes inherent in abstraction, McCracken has carved out a unique niche within Minimalism that is tinged with the philosophical and metaphysical.

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ISBN: 9871934435120

160 pages, 136 color illustrations, 36,4 x 28,5 cm, hardcover, English