Jimmie Durham. Rejected Stones / Pierres rejetées

out of print

Anselm Franke, David Hammons, Anri Sala... (Collectif)

Paris Musées, 2009


out of print

Jimmie Durham insists that we take nothing for granted. Language, objects, institutions—the base elements that constitute “the way things are”—are all held up to scrutiny, only to show us that things are also always some other way, too. With disarming humor but utter penetrative seriousness, he proffers (to paraphrase the artist) “interruptions to authoritative history,” the effect of which is to put everything into question, even the ground on which we stand. Where and what is Western art? And is “postcolonial” too glib a term to describe our present condition? On view will be some sixty of the videos, drawings, sculptures, and installations the artist has made since relocating to Europe from Mexico in 1994

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ISBN: 9782759600847

232 pages, numerous illustrations, 24 × 32 cm, hardcover, bilingual English/French