Jeff Wall. Works & Collected Writings

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Michael Newman, Jeff Wall

Ediciones Poligrafa, Barcelona, 2007


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Jeff Wall’s large-scale Cibachrome transparencies mounted on light boxes have exerted a profound influence over little short of the past three decades. His work also spans a time in which the way in which the relationship between art and history has been conceived has undergone a profound change. He is one of the last artists to work out his moves on the basis of a linear view of history and then to have to rethink the relationship of his work with art history in a world in which such a view of history was no longer tenable. His compositions in both color and black and white maintain a constant dialogue with nineteenth century genre painting and truly make him, in Charles Baudelaire s expression, a painter of modern life.

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ISBN: 978-8434311312

304 pages, 150 illustrations, hardcover, English