Jan Vercruysse, 1990

A film by Jef Cornelis

Jan Vercruysse Foundation & ARGOS, 2020


We are pleased to announce the publication of Jan Vercruysse, 1990. Transcript of the eponym film by Jef Cornelis and a DVD of the film.
The film revolves around two excerpts of a longer interview of the artist Jan Vercruysse (1948-2018) by Jef Cornelis (1941-2019) that took place in June 1990. This rare interview is a most valuable document for the study of the complex and layered oeuvre of the artist. Rather than talking about individual works of art, Vercruysse reflects – one can even say thinks out loud – in dialogue with Cornelis on subjects such as artistry, the relation of the artist with his work, and the position of the spectator.


ISBN: 9789464008166

12 pagina's, 29.7 x 19 cm, paperback, Engels + dvd