Jan Kinsbergen, David Klemmer: Project, Construction, Images (Dixit #04)

Jan Kinsbergen, David Klemmer, Studio Urbaite, Mario Monotti

Caryatide, 2022


The fourth issue of the critical review Dixit, in which the words of the architects Jan Kinsbergen and David Klemmer confront each other, in the format of a dichotomous visual atlas, around the theme of the process.
A visual documentary in the fields of architectonic conception, structural engineering and visualization in the format of a dichotomous atlas. The so called ultimate ambition of the real construction site only marks the beginning of another process of appropriation, life cycle analysis and change. Not the finalised project, but rather the raw material traces the process.
As the self-renewing discipline that is architecture, Caryatide editions picks up the torch of the critical magazine—which was their very first form. They wish to enrich the debate around architecture by bringing a word that confronts to the news. Architecture is at the convergence of questioning, a discipline nourished by cross-disciplinary approaches. As such, as a signature, Caryatide endeavours to keep a critical point of view, enriched by a social and political look which the architectural discipline depends on, to highlight its complexity and aspirations.
For each issue, three times a year, two contributors are invited to share their thoughts on a new theme.


ISBN: 9782493283108

64 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 30 x 23 cm, paperback, Engels/Frans