Jan Fabre. From the Cellar to the Attic. From the Feet to the Brain

Yuko Hasegawa, Vincent Huguet, Katerina Koskina, Bart Verschaffal & Philippe Van Cauteren

Walther König, Köln, 2009



The sculptural tableau of Belgian artist, playwright, director, choreographer and stage designer Jan Fabre make use of puns and symbolism. This volume contains gatefolds, installation photos and texts.

Designed in close collaboration with Jan Fabre, the catalogue presents the five works on display in Bregenz, sculptural tableaus that make good use of puns and symbolism. In his introduction, Eckhard Schneider addresses the idea of sculptural tableaus and its implementation and interpretation in the works created especially for Kunsthaus Bregenz.
In knowledgeable essays the internationally renowned curators Vincent Huguet, Philippe van Cauteren, Katerina Koskina, Yuko Hasegawa, and Bart Verschaffel elucidate each of the expansive floor-filling ensembles. With its numerous foldouts and large-format installation photographs, this catalogue shows the complexity of one of the most unusual artists of our age.

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ISBN: 9783865605351

160 pages, 100 color illustrations, 22 × 30 cm, hardcover, bilingual German/English