James Rosenquist

Pop Art, Politics, and History in the 1960s out of print

Michael Lobel

University of Callifornia Press, Berkeley, 2009


out of print

James Rosenquist’s paintings, with their billboard-sized images of commercial subjects, are utterly emblematic of 1960s Pop Art. Their provocative imagery also touches on some of the major political and historical events of that turbulent decade—from the Kennedy assassination to the war in Vietnam. In the first full-length scholarly examination of Rosenquist’s art from that period, Michael Lobel weaves together close visual analysis, a wealth of archival research, and a consideration of the social and historical contexts in which these paintings were produced to offer bold new readings of a body of work that helped redefine art in the 1960s. Bringing together a range of approaches, James Rosenquist provides a compelling perspective on the artist and on the burgeoning consumer culture of postwar America.

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ISBN: 9780520253032

232 pages, 70 illustrations, 25.4 x 17.8 cm, hardcover, English