Jack Davison: Photographs

Loose Joints, 2021 (3d edition)



Published in an edition of 1000 signed copies. Our copy is new and still in the original sealing.

Photographs is a story of British artist Jack Davison (b. 1990) who experiments with image making from 2007 to present. Originally published in May 2019, Davison’s debut monograph has now sold through two print runs. To celebrate the third printing of this book, Davison and Loose Joints invited thirty-two different artists to have a carte blanche at responding to Jack’s images.

For the Photographs Annotated Artists Edition, an international selection of artists were sent a physical copy of Davison’s original book and given free rein to scribble, annotate, rework, cut out, destroy and generally enjoy Jack’s malleable images. The result is a uniquely collaborative reworked version of Photographs, which within the same format, sequence and layout as the original creates a hybridised, playful and open-ended book, ranging from extravagant and visceral reworkings, where Davison’s original source images are near-obliterated, to schoolboy doodles and crayon scribbles by Davison’s young nieces and nephews.

Shoulder-to-shoulder are artists foremost in their mediums, such as Nathalie du Pasquier, Atelier Bingo, Ruth van Beek, Stefan Marx, Marie Jacotey and John Booth, alongside emerging, new and young voices in illustration, collage and contemporary drawing.

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ISBN: 9781912719075

136 pages, 25 color & 39 duotone plates, 25,5 x 24 cm, hardcover, English