Jaarboek Landschapsarchitectuur en stedenbouw in Nederland 2019

Yearbook Landscape Architectuture abd Urban Design in the Netherlands 2019

Mark Hendriks, Martine Bakker, Marieke Berkers, Rob van der Bijl, Maarten Ettema, Marc Nolden, Anne Seghers, Lara Voerman

Uitgeverij Blauwdruk, 2019


The Yearbook Landscape Architecture and Urban Planning in the Netherlands 2019 contains 21 outstanding projects that showcase the range of urban and landscape design the country has to offer: the best park designs, alterations to heritage assets, innovative projects on the effects of climate measures, plans for future-proofing peatlands and designs that harness the collective wisdom of the public.

The editors of Blauwe Kamer magazine for landscape architecture and urban design compiled this Yearbook from projects selected by an independent committee. In addition to the committee’s findings, the book contains an article on the decline of campus design and a photo reportage on the XXL warehouses responsible for the ‘big-boxification’ of the landscape. The Yearbook also contains an in-depth interview with the chief government architect, Floris Alkemade: ‘Designers should be ruthless’.

ISBN: 9789492474278

186 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 30 x 23 cm, paperback, Nederlands/Engels