Informotion. Animated infographics

Tim Finke, Sebastian Manger, Stefan Fichtel

Gestalten, Berlin, 2012


Informotion is the first reference book devoted to the fundamentals of creating compelling animated infographics. It explains key aspects of how to effectively visualize data, outlines factors that improve the viewer’s ability to absorb information, and explores both current tools and future possibilities for crafting moving images.
Each book contains a unique log-in code for accessing a wide selection of animated information graphics as well as their making-of videos online. The interplay between the detailed descriptions in the print edition —including a preface by co-editor Stefan Fichtel, who runs his own infographics studio with clients such as Porsche and National Geographic — and the diverse motion material makes Informotion an essential reference for anyone interested in working successfully with these burgeoning visual formats.

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ISBN: 9783899554151

208 pagina's, 24 × 28 cm, in kleur, hardcover, incl. video downloads, Engels