Ine Schröder: Uncorrected Proof (Bonnefantenmuseum)

Joep Vossebeld, Paula van den Bosch.

Bonnefantenmuseum, 2019 (Reprint)


With a double exhibition and a major publication, the Bonnefantenmuseum pays attention to the groundbreaking artistry of Ine Schröder (1951 Heerlen – Maastricht 2014). Mainly active within the euregional art scene, Schröder commanded respect in the local and regional art community during her working life. After her death in 2014, museum curator Paula van den Bosch and artist and curator Joep Vossebeld investigated in collaboration with Stichting Behoud Moderne Kunst (SBMK), Maastricht University and Flacc Genk (B) the artistic legacy of Ine Schröder that has largely disappeared due to the actions of the artist himself.
An important part of the exhibition is the archive book: Uncorrected Proof about the archive of Ine Schröder with around 700 photos and essays by Paula van den Bosch, Brenda Tempelaar and Joep Vossebeld, in which subjects such as museum collection formation, conservation and presentation are discussed and which transcends regular oeuvre publication.


ISBN: 9789072251794

352 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 19,2 x 16 cm, paperback, Nederlands/Engels