In the Rough: Raw Interiors & Rugged Makers

Irene Schampaert, Iris De Feijter

Lannoo, 2017


In the field of design, nothing stands still forever. Cycles come and go, reconfiguring the old to create the new. What was once hidden is now boldly displayed. The raw materials that comprise modern interiors have been given centre stage, handicraft is no longer considered ‘old-fashioned’, but has instead become a key instigator for design, and dark colours are back in vogue. Materials are allowed to have patina again, bearing the signs of their age and use. Industrial, rusted iron; brushed granite; untreated wood… It is all coming back! The retro revival promises to inject new energy into the design world, making pure beauty stand out. Design blogger Irene Schampaert guides you in discovering these exciting new trends.

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ISBN: 9789401441490

208 pagina's, 180 afbeeldingen in kleur, 29 × 24 cm, hardcover, Engels