Axel Vervoordt (Ed.)

MER.paperkunsthalle, Gent, 2009


out of print

This book accompanies the exhibition ‘In-finitum’ at the Palazzo Fortuny in Venice from 6 June until 15 November, 2009. With ‘In-finitum’, the trilogy which started with ‘Artempo: Where Time Becomes Art’ (Venice, 2007) and continued with ‘Academia: Qui es-tu?’ (Paris, 2008) has come full circle.

The trilogy as conceived by Axel Vervoordt establishes a perfect balance through the natural time-flow between its three chapters. ‘Artempo: Where Time Becomes Art’ dealt with the beauty of passing time touching the world, with the mysteriousness of patina and the magical osmosis which exists where cosmos and ‘matière’ interact. In ‘Academia: Qui es-tu?’, the transmission of knowledge and wisdom held center stage, a fixed focal point gently rocked however by the continuous perpetuum mobile of questions and answers. The finale, ‘In-finitum’, will traverse into the other realm as it reaches into the universe of the unfinished and the infinite.

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ISBN: 9789076979816

339 pages, 244 colour illustrations, 27 × 25 cm, hardcover, English