Ilja Keizer: Vicky (Edition of 100 copies + signed print + extras)

Fucking glad I met you

Ilja Keizer

Self Published, 2021


While the photographer is mostly known for his portrait work, this book has a much more personal, documentary style approach.
With shooting just starting spontaneously after meeting Vicky on an awfully hot day, in a small rural town in the East of the Netherlands.
Vicky told me ‘she’s a survivor.’
I said ‘she’s a warrior’.
‘Immediately impressed by Vicky’s fucking powerful and raw personality, her sincere honesty, and the intimate bond we developed in the blink of an eye,’ I decided to make a book about our time, and to dedicate it to her.
The images were made during a super intense time, a great mental and physical journey that led us around Europe in a little over 3 months,
with our trip ending in a tiny Polish village on the beautiful countryside just outside of Warsaw where Vicky lives.
We spent nonstop time together in these months, in magical peaceful nature, surrounded by billions of cicadas, smoking, watching the stars fall down. In Berlin, ‘they all look like rockstars,’ with the leaves turning all kinds of yellow. On the road, Pop Smoke on the soundsystem, Patti Smith, Cardi B, the Smiths, every song fitting a mood.
Times were as beautiful, as they were hard. Feelings went everywhere, feelings of anxiety as well as endless joy.
Thoughts about the past… The hurts, wishes and expectations of present and future times.
The result is a highly personal document, including a signed print and various inserts.


ISBN: 978909034193

96 pagina's, illustraties in kleur & z/w, 24,5 x 18 cm, hardcover, Engels