How to Be a Chap

The Surprisingly Sophisticated Habits, Drinks and Clothes of the Modern Gentleman

Gustav Temple, Robert Klanten

Gestalten, 2016


How to be Chap explores the roots of the English gentleman and follows them to the present day. Today’s chaps live according to their own rules—with hats, pipes, and, of course, British humor. Inspired by men such as Beau Brummell and Lord Byron, they maintain proper English ideals and virtues. By stepping back to tradition, they’re advancing a lifestyle revolution.
In this book, chap expert Gustav Temple explains how a chap dresses, where he goes on vacation, which sports he plays (cricket) and which ones he doesn’t (everything else). From the historical foundations of British gentlemen’s culture to today’s dos and don’ts, How to be Chap provides thorough answers to chap-related questions and plenty of cultivated laughs.

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ISBN: 9783899556407

272 pagina's, full color, 22.5 × 29 cm, hardcover, Engels