Housing and Climate 1999-2019

Spanish Collective Housing & Climate

José María De Lapuerta, Javier García- Germán

TC Cuadernos, 2019


While it is true that today we place special emphasis on the energy efficiency of buildings, it is important to see how architecture, good architecture, has never been alien to it. The authors of this book, José María de Lapuerta and Javier García-Germán, make a tour of multi-family housing buildings built in Spain, between 1999 and 2019, analyzing their behavior from the perspective of sustainability, and demonstrating how the projects that we could consider as exemplars from the architectural point of view, they also have significant values ​​in terms of sustainability.

The study shows that there are no standard solutions, but, rather, there are multiple possibilities to solve all these issues, but without limiting the expressive capacity of the architecture. It is also convenient to highlight how the solutions have to adapt to the specific conditions of the climatic zone in which the building is located. As Spain is a country characterized by its climatic diversity, this fact has a special relevance.

Matos- Castillo, Nieto Sobejano Alejandro Zaera, Amann- Cánovas- Maruri, Burgos & Garrido, De Lapuerta, Vázquez Consuegra, Coll, + Lecrerc, Ercilla and Campo, Francisco Mangado, Zigzag Architecture, Victor López Cotelo, Josep Llinás, HArquitectes, Flores & Prats, Ferrater, MGM …


ISBN: 9788417753023

284 pagina's, paperback, Spaans/Engels