HoCo: Density Housing Construction & Costs

a + t Density Series

Aurora Fernandez Per, Javier Mozas, Javier Arpa

a + t Ediciones, Vitoria-Gasteiz, 2009


HoCo raises a debate on the issue of systematization within the construction industry. The building industry remains, to this day, a large-scale multi-disciplinary work of craftsmanship. But we now face the need to establish viable solutions regarding material design, energy efficiency and overall sustainability in architecture, and keep it on budget. Architects have to merge two opposing realities: the lean efficiency of industrialized production with the imaginative mind of a craftsman. This book presents an exemplary set of projects that reveal that creative spark, materializing atypical associations of components and design solutions to meet the finest results, and placing innovation, once again, at the heart of the architectural debate of our times.

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ISBN: 9788461330805

464 pages, numerous illustrations, 23,5 x 17cm, paperback, bilingual English/Spanish