Hidden Landscapes

Saskia De Wit

Architectura & Natura, 2018


Hidden Landscapes shows how small scale public spaces become important alternatives in a worldwide process of urbanisation. This book offers possibilities to experience (smaller) rest spaces on the scale of human and physical perception. The garden is the classical example in making a landscape expressive and can structure urban conditions at the same time. With six prototypes: The Tofuku-ji Hojo gardens in Kyoto (1938), St. Catherine’s College Quadrangle in Oxford (1959), Paley Park in Manhattan (1967), de Reflection Garden, Seattle (1979), the Jardin de Crazannes Garden and Jardin des Oiseaux, along the motorway in France (1993), and the Wasserkrater garden in Bad Oeynhausen in Germany (1997).

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ISBN: 9789461400611

432 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 17 × 24 cm, paperback, Engels