Heinz Mack. Life and Work

Heinz Mack, Ute Mack

Dumont, Köln, 2011


On his eightieth birthday, the life and work of the sculptor and painter Heinz Mack is honoured with this comprehensive publication that provides insights into the innovative and creative quality and authenticity of a unique artistic personality. It casts light on all phases of Mack’s development, including the decisive ZERO period, drafting a lucid spectrum of his fascination with light. Noteworthy authors such as Johannes Cladders, Werner Hofmann, Dieter Honisch and Karin Thomas offer snapshots of Mack’s multifaceted oeuvre. The artist takes the viewer along on an inspiring journey to the Algerian desert and the Arctic, among other places, and invites the reader in an autobiographical text to partake in his dreams and utopias.

“Light is decisive for my art. As far a light is concerned, I want to go to the limits of the possible. I am fascinated by light’s spectrum, particularly in reference to space and time. Light has its own energy and quality. Light in space articulates. That can already be a candle in the space. But time is also found in my work as a rhythmic Element.” Heinz Mack in “ZERO – Freiheit für die Kunst.” Excerpt from WDR interview with in April about the revolutionary time of the avant-garde group.

Our century is not only rich in artistic discoveries and experiments, but also in prospective designs and utopias. Dreams and expectations manifest themselves in them, as well as the hope for a better and also more beautiful world. Heinz Mack’s artistic ideas circulate in this tension field between utopia and reality and the artist draws his energy from the discrepancy between bold designs and harsh reality.

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