Hatch: The New Architectural Generation

Kieran Long

Laurence King, Londen, 2008


These are practitioners for whom the old categories do not hold, and for whom modernism is no longer the orthodoxy. As the role of architects in cities changes, young practitioners pursue a range of work as writers, critics, curators, teachers, fashion designers, computer programmers, club promoters, materials experts, engineers, installation artists, developers and builders.

Critically selected, the work of each architect, writer and photographer in Hatch is examined in detail to uncover the approaches that will reach their full fruition in the coming years and decades. In this work, 800 photographs and drawings of projects give more than just eye candy. With this book you can decide for yourself how good these young stars are.

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ISBN: 978-1856695626

352 pages, color illustrations, 20 x 25 cm, paperback, English