Harald Szeemann: Visionäre Schweiz (1991) – sold out

Verlag Sauerlander, 1991


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Exhibition catalogue/reference work published on the occasion of an exhibition in Kusthaus Zürich and Städtische Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, curated by Harald Szeemann. With “Visionary Switzerland”, Szeemann continued his research in the area of the total work of art/the Gesammtkunstwerk.

What is Switzerland? An agglomeration of three language regions that can serve as a tried and tested model today in the age of multicultural Europe. A community of interests that once arose out of peasant pride against the feudal Habsburgs and today defends its prosperity against the rest of the world like a hedgehog. Is Switzerland a country in which the awareness of the importance of hard currency leaves room for the delicate creature of the creative. Are there even “visions” there, images of a thought, dreamed, seen, but ever more humane world. Harald Szeemann claims so and brought together the work of 9 male and 49 male artists in the large exhibition hall of the Kunsthaus Zurich in the form of an aesthetic collage that was almost entirely national in character. Franz Huemer, an Austrian who discovered his vision in the morphology of roots, and the Parisian Christian Boltanski with his installation “Réserve des Suisses morts” (1990/91) were the non-Swiss participants. But no matter how much Szeemann found the protagonists of his “Visionary Switzerland” mainly in the 20th century and in parts of his contemporaries, he means modernity as a whole and, with a meditation picture (around 1478) of the canonized Nicholas of Flüe, reaches down to the intersection of the High Middle Ages and back to early modern times. A series of recent drawings by Martin Disler forms the chronological antithesis. (IN GERMAN)
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304 pages, illustrations in b/w, paperback, German (with separate index of the participating artists)