Hansje van Halem: Sketch Cahier

De Buitenkant, 2015


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Collected here are highlights from graphic designer Hansje van Halem s sold-out previous publication, Sketchbook , together with new work. This volume contains 52 pages with a dizzying array of commissioned, applied, self-generated, rejected, and unfinished sketches, type drawings, motifs, and experiments (both successes and failures). According to Van Halem, experimenting with typography is something she began to do in between deadlines for book designs: a hobby that has translated into a number of assignments. The tension between a systematic approach, legibility, and (ir)regularity appeals to Van Halem, visible in her patterns and textures.

ISBN: 9789490913502

52 pages, illustrated, 28,7 x 20 cm, paperback, Engels