Hans Theys: De Verdubbeling / The Doubling

Hans Theys

Royal Academy, 2019


This book was written by Academy lecturer and curator Hans Theys, and deals with drawing as a way of creating meaning. In The Doubling the author presents several links between observing and thinking, with drawing as a connection between both. The images that support the statements were chosen by the author himself, in consultation with gallery owner and publisher Ronny Van de Velde, and fashion designer Julia Ballardt, who also designed the cover.
With this small printed object the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp highlights the importance of acting through observation and reflection as a form of visual research, also expressed by the role drawing plays here, with our drawing marathons being one fine example. At the same time it shows our attention for printed publications as a form of slow, sensory communication. Our other publications under the name Track Report are great proof of this as well.


ISBN: 9789490521424

95 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 12 x 17 cm, paperback, Nederlands/Engels