Günther Domenig: Dimensional

Anna Baar, Gerhard Maurer

Jovis, 2022


Günther Domenig died in 2012, having become internationally known for his iconic Steinhaus and the architecturally important Nazi Party Rally Grounds Documentation Center in Nuremberg. The trilingual volume In Resonance takes an unusual approach to his work, offering an outsider’s view of the Carinthia- born architect’s oeuvre—one that stands apart from both the dominant perspectives on his work and from the norms of architecture books in general. The intimate picture series by photographer Gerhard Maurer comprises over thirty of the buildings designed by Günther Domenig and stands in dialogue with writer Anna Baar’s essayist approach to the architect’s work. The essays and photos capture the architecture in its current context and create space for contradictions, for lacunae, for the unusable—and for the beautiful.


ISBN: 9783868597585

256 pagina's, geïllustreerd, 22 x 16 cm, paperback, Engels/Duits/Sloveens