Grunge Textures. Volume 1 (+ DVD)

160 Designs Free & Ready to Use, All Files inside DVD

Vincenzo Sguera

Arkivia Books, Bergamo, 2013


Grunge textures Volume 1 offers a wide array of graphics inspired by the realist, casual feel of the 1990s grunge scene. Grunge ran against the grain of the flashy aesthetic that existed in the 1980’s, bringing with it irregularity and imperfections that identified its perpetrators as highly original. The graphics offered in this book capture this aesthetic and are ideal for adding an ‘indie’ feel to any given project.

– Used by fashion companies and stylists worldwide
– Includes 160 designs saved in 5 ways – 800 files in all – all free to use
– 1 Free DVD included for Windows and Mac – Vector and Bitmap Hi-res files, ready for production
– Can be used with a variety of graphic software, such as Illustrator or Photoshop

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ISBN: 9788888766249

144 pagina's, 100 z/w illustraties, 30,7 × 24 cm, hardcover, Engels