Green Hidden and Above: The Most Exceptional Treehouses

Sibylle Kramer

Braun, Salenstein, 2015


Majestically poised among treetops, treehouses symbolize freedom and snugness in harmony with nature. Whether a futuristic UFO or a natural nest, imaginative designs dominate the exterior covers of these special retreats, rendering them unique.

Treehouses as places of introspection and inspiration, hotels or play areas for children – their different styles, materials and shapes take you into a multitude of different worlds and prove the versatility of this special and often surprising architectural sector.

This book presents outstanding projects that take us into different worlds filled with air and greenery, far away from everyday life and its normal setting. Join us as we climb into the treetops and discover architecture that fulfills more than just childhood dreams…

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ISBN: 9783037681930

264 pagina's, 24 × 28 cm, 498 afbeeldingen, hardcover, Engels