Giacometti-Out of print

Sculpture - Paintings - Drawings

Angela Schneider

Prestel, Munich, 1994, paperback 2008


out of print

While best-known for his spindly, attenuated figures, Giacometti also created brilliant work in two dimensions. This book offers a scholarly assessment of his entire oeuvre and underscores the continuity between the two phases of his career: the pre-1935 works, which included his Surrealist sculptures, and his post-war masterpieces. It details Giacometti’s artistic crisis, when he returned to working from the model and broke with the Surrealists, and reveals how he began tackling the problem of situating figures in space in an entirely new way. This book discusses the relationship between his two- and three-dimensional works, showing Giacometti to have been as great a painter as he was a sculptor. Featuring extraordinary images of the artist at work, this book includes photographs by Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ugo Mulas, and Man Ray.

ISBN: 9783791338712

224 pages, 31 color & 185 b/w illustrations, 24 × 19,5 cm, Flexicover, English