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Hatje Cantz, Ostfildern, 2009


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Alberto always saw himself at the center of a cosmos of events and people, a notion that characterized his examination of the relation between figure, time, and space, and in which the members of his family played an important role. Alberto’s father, the painter Giovanni Giacometti, encouraged his son from an early age. His brother Diego was his assistant and model, and after Alberto’s death, he became famous for his bronze furniture. Bruno, the youngest brother and a renowned architect; Annetta, his mother; Annette, Alberto’s wife; and Silvio, the son of his sister Ottilia, who died in childbirth, were all indispensable models for him. Finally, although he was only a distant relative, Augusto Giacometti, whose abstract paintings continue to fascinate viewers to this day, was the “other genius” of the Giacometti family.

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