George Stubbs 1724-1806

Science Into Art

M. Weaver Chapin

Prestel, München, 2012


Although George Stubbs is best known for his images of hounds and horses charging round the British countryside, the painter was also an avid student of the broader animal world. Among his subjects were zebras, cheetahs, and moose, which he drew from life in the exotic menageries where they were kept. This volume features gorgeous color reproductions of paintings that highlight the painter’s genius for combining realism and lyricism. It includes numerous drawings and prints—among them the exceptional studies for his “The Anatomy of the Horse” series. Informative essays discuss Stubbs’ superb aesthetic sensibility, his far-reaching scientific studies, and his place in the pantheon of eighteenth-century European painters.

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ISBN: 9783791351704

240 pagina's, 153 kleur & 12 z/w illustraties, 25 × 30 cm, hardcover, Engels