Functional Packaging Prototypes

Jinming Chen

Gingko Press, Corte Madera CA, 2007


A rich and accessible resource for designers, students, teachers and other professionals in the ever-changing field of packaging design, this great book collects traditional structures alongside some of the most creative contemporary packaging design solutions out there.
Chosen according to their uniqueness, practicality and feasibility, all of the featured patterns are presented to the reader as both realized prototypes complete with graphics and as blank design templates to give a full understanding of the design concept.
From these pages, the reader is encouraged to give their own flourish to the designs and put them into service: The design templates are collected on the included CD-Rom and ready for use and experimentation, making this book an ideal addition to the library of anyone looking for either inspiration or a practical starting point in the creation of a packaging structure.

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ISBN: 9781584232681

360 Pages, Paperback, 18,5 x 18,5 cm, 600 Illustrations, English