Flanders Architectural Review N°13: This is a Mustard Factory

Ook in het Nederlands verkrijgbaar!

Birgit Cleppe, Sofie De Caigny, Christoph Grafe, Rajesh Heynickx, Steven Humblet, o.a.

Vai, 2018


This publication by the Flemish Architecture Institute presents a generous selection of recently completed projects in words and pictures. About fifty projects are covered by means of extensive plans and photos and they give rise to a critical reflection on current developments in Flemish architecture. The book includes articles that deal with such topics as the poetry of utility buildings, the responsibility of architecture for the landscape, the exploration of a new scale and the individual character of Flemish architecture abroad. What the visual essays by four leading photographers have in common is a serious interest in the concrete physical experience. They view the architectural object not as something static, but as a beckoning space that should be explored, studied, tried and tested.

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ISBN: 9789492567062

320 pagina's, 25,5 × 20 cm, paperback, Engels. Ook Nederlandse versie verkrijgbaar!