Elizabeth Peyton: Reading and Writing

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Enrique Juncosa, Rachael Thomas

Charta, Milano, 2009


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Elizabeth Peyton: Reading and Writing was conceived as an artist’s book. A carefully chosen group of 24 paintings, drawings and prints from 1991 to 2009 reflects the profound influence of literature and poetry in Peyton’s work. The book begins with her selection of writings by the Goncourt brothers, Honoré de Balzac, Oscar Wilde, Gustave Flaubert, and Stendhal. Additional choices reference other subjects that have appeared in her paintings and works on paper such as Madame Bovary, Marie Antoinette, Napoleon, and François Truffaut. Also included are poems and songs by Shakespeare and Jay-Z.

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ISBN: 9788881587384

128 pages, 28 illustrations, 18.5 x 25 cm, hardcover, English