Elements in Pursuit of the Wild (Rucksack Magazine)

Rucksack Magazine

Rucksack Magazine & Lannoo, 2020


Elements, In Pursuit of the Wild, is a powerful and moving visual journey of discovery created by the editors of Rucksack Magazine. In this compilation are stories, interviews, and stunning photographs that highlight locations where we are overwhelmed by the beauty of nature. These wild places embody peace and tranquility, and exploring them requires courage, a sense of adventure, and an intrepid curiosity about the world. Locations featured in this book include the Faroe Islands, the northwest Pacific, Scandinavia, and Scotland, among other places. The majority of the material in this book is previously unpublished, online or in print.

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ISBN: 9789401471275

240 pagina's, kleurillustraties, 29 x 22 cm, hardcover, Engels