Eddie Martinez: More Drawings

Eddie Martinez

Triangle Books, 2020


Brooklyn-based artist Eddie Martinez (born 1977) has received much critical acclaim over the past few years. Cartoonish and energetic, his expressive paintings (both abstract and figurative) often employ a loosely fixed cast of forms–such as flowers, tabletops, shoes and, most recently, bent yellow columns and white horizons. These works conjure the rough, vivid execution of a Basquiat, a Gorky or a Guston.

More Drawings documents over three hundred works from Eddie Martinez’s archive and is a continuation of his first book Drawings published in 2017. With a selection ranging from 2005 to the present year, More Drawings presents a juxtaposed, achronological montage of the evolution of Martinez’s aesthetic and his indefatigable imagination.


ISBN: 9782930777382

448 pagina's, 305 afbeeldingen, 23,6 x 17,7 cm, hardcover, Engels