Ed Ruscha, Photographer

Ed Ruscha & Sylvia Wolf

Steidl & Partners, 2006


out of print

Ruscha’s photographic books had a profound influence on the emergence of conceptual art in the 1960s and 1970s and on the work of contemporary artists and photographers, including American artists Lewis Baltz, Dan Graham, and Robert Venturi, and German photographers Thomas Struth and Andreas Gursky.

While Ruscha’s books are his signature works, he has made numerous photographs over the past forty-five years that are previously unpublished or unknown. Ed Ruscha and Photography details Ruscha’s first engagement with photography, his photography books, his hiatus from the medium, and his new appreciation of its impact on his career

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288 pages, 290 color & duotone illustrations, 20,3 x 28 cm, Clothbound flexible hardcover, English