Ecological Buildings: New Strategies for Sustainable Architecture

Dorian Lucas

Braun Publishing, 2021


As opposed to a decade ago, when ecological architecture was still often considered a luxury, it has now become practically impossible to build without considering sustainability issues. Ecological balance aspects have become a crucial part of the planning and construction process. In recent years especially, a canon of standard methods and possibilities has emerged to successfully implement environmentally friendly architecture.

However, there are architects whose ideas and techniques for sustainable buildings go even beyond the recently established, sometimes mandatory, standards. This publication discusses such new and innovative ecological construction solutions. The author presents projects from all over the world that rise above the standard measures and concepts to point the way to the future.
Cite du Vin Museum in Bordeaux, France (XTU Architects)
Oasia Hotel Downtown in Singapore (WOHA)
Toca do Urso – Colorado in Ribeirão, Brazil (Superlimão)
Hive in Surat, Gujarat, India (Openideas Architects)
Bloomberg in London, Great Britain (Foster + Partners)


ISBN: 9783037682685

192 pagina's, 353 illustraties, 29,5 x 22,5 cm, hardcover, Engels