Dinaya Waeyaert: Personal Collection

Edition of 200 copies

Self-Published, 2019


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Ever since Dinaya Waeyaert started photographing she has been fo cusing on the people who surround her the most. she has been using these images as the starting point of her work.

The image as a personal document is something that has always fascinated her. With her series called ‘Personal Collection’ she explores the concept of time and memory between friends and relationships that alters through the years.

You can see her presence in the role of a voyeur, making images that represent moments of connection with her subject. Intimacy between lovers and friends are often shared in private, away from the gaze of outsiders, while she loves to put this all out on display. The tender and affectionate is showed in a raw and explosive way.



Niet gepagineerd, paperback, met toevoeging van losse foto's en contactsheets, 28 x 20 cm, geen tekst