Dennis Adams, Laurent Malone: Jfk. Traversée photographique de New York / Photographic Crossing of New York

LMX, 2002


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Artist book.
On August 5, 1997, Laurent Malone and Dennis Adams walked non-stop from downtown Manhattan, across the Williamsbridge to JFK Airport. They followed the staightest path possible toward their destination, crossing neightbourhoods, expressways and cemeteries. The walk took 11 1/2 hours. Adams and Malone shot photographs along their destination according to an agreement to produce an undetermined number of paired images: one 35 mm camera was shared with the understanding that either personcould take a photo of their own choice at any time during the walk. Who shot the photograph handed the camera to the other person, who then shot a second photo in exactly the opposite direction, with no attention to subject selection, framing, or adjustments in aperture and focus. This book contains the complete 243 paired sets of photographs in the sequence they were taken on august 5, 1997.

With original bookmark, on which publication information can be found. The black vinyl cover has some scratches and glue traces at the back (see photo), inside perfect condition



niet gepagineerd, 24,1 x 16,5 x 4 cm, geen tekst (enkel op de rug van het boek en de boekwijzer, paperback met zwart vinyl cover