Delicious: Branding and Design for Cafés, Patisseries, and Chocolate Boutiques

Wang Shaoqiang

Flamant, 2018


Delicious focuses on the visual identity of the sweetest places in the world: chocolate boutiques, bakeries and confectionaries, and coffee shops. Even though it would seem easy for these kinds of businesses to establish a connection with customers, the fiercely growing competition in this field makes it essential for shop owners and designers to shape a unique and unforgettable impression so as to create fidelity and brand awareness. This book presents brand strategies designed to catch the eye of hungry consumers. The establishments showcased here entice their clients through cohesive identity design that includes interior and graphic design, packaging and stationary, product positioning and every single detail and accessory. Delicious is an excellent source for designers and shop owners working in this field, as well as for readers who love relaxing over a cup of fragrant espresso or revitalizing tea while savouring all sorts of exquisite bites. From a delicate violet macaron to a buttery croissant or carrot cake, an irresistibly gooey brownie, a perfect, bittersweet chocolate bar or some other wickedly delicious extravagance, in a warm, seductive atmosphere.

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ISBN: 9788417084042

240 pagina's, kleurenillustraties, 29 x 22 cm, Hardcover, Engels