Deep Fashion State of Mind: An Awakening

Aïcha Abbadi, Katharina Heckmann

Deep Fashion Society, 2020


Deep Fashion State of Mind: An Awakening developed over the course of one year, through multiple conversations between the authors: first as a collection of ideas, then of garments and finally a book. A recurring theme touched upon the underlying mechanisms of the fashion and culture industries. What is hidden beneath the surface? How is the fashion dream created and what purpose does it really serve? Is the zeitgeist real or is it a tool for mass manipulation? The book serves as a starting point to open up a space for a liberated fashion practice with the whole system in mind:
As fashion’s enthusiasts and practitioners progress deeper and deeper into the fashion world, their perception becomes altered forever. A sudden awakening from the fashion dream marks a turning point in their lives. Entering into a deep fashion state of mind allows them to make connections where there were none before and the sudden shift in their thinking opens up a whole new world of possibilities for fashion practice and beyond…

The authors of this publication have initiated the critical fashion collective Deep Fashion Society, reflecting an emerging cultural shift among fashion practitioners who seek to incorporate observations about the fashion world into their practice, as a critical commentary and to offer new ways of seeing and experiencing fashion.



219 pagina's, 22 × 17 cm, zw/w illustraties, paperback, Engels